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In 1947, after India's independence, the Panjab state was divided in two parts. One part with Lahore, the Panjab original Capital, was integrated into Pakistan and the other part remained in India, without a Capital.

In 1951, first minister Nehru commissioned Le Corbusier and his cousin, Pierre Jeanneret to create a new capital, Chandigarh. From 1951 to 1966, Le Corbusier stayed in Chandigarh for periods of one or two months, Pierre Jeanneret lived there for 15 years.

Pierre Jeanneret built the Town Hall, University Buildings, the Central State Library, theatres, hotels, nursery schools, housings, etc. He also designed the largest part of these buildings' furniture: office tables, chairs, sofas, administration tables, etc. It is known as the 'Low Cost Furniture Program'. These pieces are characterised by X or V shapes. There were mainly built in massive teak, a local growing hardwood, moisture and insect resistant.

60 years after its manufacturing, these furniture are still there, real testimony of this quite unique saga.

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